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feeling fall

its a little chilly here today
the leaves are have lost their green
i watched one fall slowly to the ground today
and wondered  how this season of my life will play
it wasn't a great week for me in my personal life, i just...
can't get it quite right...the balance of work, wife, mother....
and all those other things i do. how to get it all done i'm not quite
sure.  i've always been a pleaser.  making sure everyone one is ok.
but i'm not sure i can and i haven't learned my lesson yet.  so i will
continue this fall and feeling this season of my life in the days ahead
hoping i will get better at this juggling act that is my everyday life and make a little time for me.

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  1. beautiful and exactly the way I feel some days :) But he is still good. Praying that you continue to see Him


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