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north carolina through my senses.....

if i could touch north carolina....i would feel the wind sweeping through the hills of which i live as i tried to catch the leaves it blows, the new born baby calf and a baby chicken, the hot sand 
beneath my toes on summer vacation

if i could smell north carolina....i would smell fresh cut hay, sweet, stinky manure, watermelon, apple cider and christmas trees

if i could hear north carolina.....i would hear the train blow its whistle every day around 11:30, the laughter of my moma, the sound of a diesel truck

if i could see north carolina.....i would see blue mountains that take your breath away, dirt roads, tractors, and chicken houses, God's handiwork in the sunrises and the sunsets

if i could taste north carolina.....i would taste fresh green beans and cucumbers, fried squash and cornbread, chicken and dumplings and sweet tea, and granny sue's chocolate pie

 goodness i love this place

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  1. beautiful! i have only been to north carolina twice, and both times only for a few days, but it was an absolutely gorgeous place! i love this!

  2. You know before I moved to NC I would always think pictures of the Blue Ridge Mountains looked fake or edited. How could they truly look blue? I get it now.

  3. I think I may just have to plan a trip to North Carolina...(you should work for their tourist department!) It sounds beautiful...and your post was too!


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